4 stars review for our "Women Artists: A Conversation", "Ethel Gabain" and "Gluck" exhibitions in The Upcoming

by Sarah Bradbury
February 2017

“The Fine Art Society, known for being prolific when it comes to exhibitions, are simultaneously displaying not one, not two, but three sets of works celebrating historical and contemporary female artists.”
Their revisit to the pioneering, often rebellious lesbian British artist Gluck (1895-1978) is timely given assessment and celebration of how far we have come on LGBT issues, now high on the agenda for the 50 year anniversary since the Sexual Offences Act 1967. This in-depth retrospective, the third presentation of her work at the gallery since 1937, features 32 landscapes, portraits and floral studies, displayed beautifully in distinctive stacked frames.

The Society have then displayed a range of work by contemporary female artists, allowing such pieces to be in dialogue with Gluck’s: building on, further

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