Carel Weight RA British, 1908-1997

Carel Weight was born to a working class family in west London in 1908. As both of his parents worked, he spent most of his time with his godmother in Fulham; a distinctly less well off area of London compared to his home in Paddington. This time of his life forged many lifelong impressions on Weight, not least due to his particularly sensitive disposition, but also from the wonder and joy he drew from his surroundings; the penny dreadfulls he’d read; and the theatres he go to.


After studying at the Hammersmith School of Art he moved to Goldsmiths College along with James Bateman, Eric Ravilious and Edward Bawden. These artists would eventually be reunited in the 40’s whilst serving as official War Artists. During this time he travelled to Vienna and Greece, developing his particular style for dramatic and imaginative compositions, producing landscapes and portraits that largely depicted strange events in commonplace settings.