"Women Artists: A Conversation" in The Financial Times

by Lily Le Brun
February 2017
"Women Artists: A Conversation" in The Financial Times

In London, more dialogues that cut across the years are taking place. Women Artists: A Conversation, at the Fine Art Society, invites 12 contemporary female artists to respond to a concurrent show of work by the English painter Gluck. A cross-dressing lesbian who insisted on “one-man” shows in the 1920s and 1930s, Hannah Gluckstein spurned the conventions of her gender, along with her given name. Sara Terzi, the curator, felt the retrospective presented a good opportunity to consider how far expectations for women artists have changed since Gluck’s lifetime. “The gender gap is still present in both the art world and society more broadly, so it is still important today to present this kind of [all-woman] show,” she says.


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