Sandra Blow: Eleven Works

9 - 30 January 2017

The Fine Art Society is pleased to present an exhibition of eleven late works by the British abstract painter Sandra Blow (1925-2006). Influenced by both Italian post-war art and by the American Abstract Expressionists, Blow was a leading figure of the abstract art movement in Britain. Her bold use of colour and experimentation with large-scale painting set her apart from her contemporaries.


Blow moved from London to Cornwall in 1994. St. Ives and the sea were the greatest sources of inspiration in the last phase of her career, informing the strong but subtle use of colour evident in the large canvases in this exhibition. Of her late St. Ives work, Blow said "Now I have more enjoyment, and knowledge of what happens when I do what I do. The pressures have gone, the striving to find something. I do work I know is good, and I know how to do it."