Chris Levine: Frankel the Great

5 - 12 February 2014

Chris Levine is a light artist who works across many mediums in pursuit of sensory experience through image and form. Levine’s work considers light not just as a core aspect of art, but of human experience more widely and a spiritual and philosophical edge underscores his practice.

The Fine Art Society is proud to debut a dramatic new portrait created within his unique light based approach. He has turned his attention to revitalizing the equestrian portrait genre and has focused on the highest rated racehorse in the world, Frankel. Levine’s unprecedented approach to the fascinating subject takes us beyond a standard portrayal of a perfect physical specimen and presents the viewer with a captivating and daunting level of sporting achievement.

Created in June 2013, the results are a completely radical reworking of the age-old tradition of equestrian portraiture. Simultaneously capturing multiple images in a mere 8 seconds allowed him to fashion his work as a lenticular lightbox. This lends his work a realism that is almost magical. The artist does not simply utlisise existing materials and processes, he is a pioneer in his field, creating and adapting technology in the pursuit of the widest possible visual sensation.

Chris Levine is best known for producing what is already being described as one of the most iconic images of the twenty-first century, Lightness of Being (2007). With light at its core, this portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II presents a fresh depiction of the most famous woman in the world. In 2014 Levine worked with another head of state – this time the face of British contemporary pop culture, Kate Moss. The striking composition takes us beyond the surface and distils the icon.