The British Cut: Group Show

18 May - 3 June 2012

The Fine Art Society (London) and The Cat Street Gallery (Hong Kong) are delighted to present a collaborative exhibition that brings some of London's biggest and brightest stars to Hong Kong. Set in the context of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the cultural Olympiad, The British Cut marks and extraordinary moment in British history.

The diverse selection of work offers a glimpse into the complex negotiations between money, art and power, as understood by some of the world's most exciting and revered artistic talents. Including sculpture, drawing, light installations, painting, photograms, etchings and neon, the works display a host of forceful imagery. From fairy tales and folk-lore to bullet-ridden camera; The Queen of England to the glorious plume of a pheasant; lofty classical sculptures to compositions formed with household pegs; iconic every day shapes, to conceptual abstract formations.

The exhibition aims to raise various dialogues such as: the status of the artist in modern Britain; the appropriation of art for the purposes of corporate or political power; the ever increasing fiscal values of 'blue chip' art; the concept of art as a refined, luxurious product, and conversely the rejection of traditional materials. Several works in the exhibition make reference to diamonds, either explicitly or more metaphorically in relation to light. And naturally, as the world turns its attention to the dynamic Asia markets, so too do some of the artists selected for The British Cut.