In the Garden: an online exhibition

9 June - 7 July 2016

In the Garden is the first in a series of online exhibitions to be organised by The Fine Art Society on a monthly basis from June 2016.

The Fine Art Society was one of the first galleries in London to have ever staged an exhibition dedicated to gardens. Numerous exhibitions dedicated to flowers, cottages, landscapes, nature and garden were organised on a regular basis for many years; the first exhibition having been staged as early as 1893 when George S. Elgood showed watercolour drawings illustrating Gardens, Grave and Gay. Other artists, and many exhibitions, were to follow, the subject of the gardens proving to be popular; until the late 1930s, an exhibition dedicated to gardens was staged every two years, with Flower Paintings by Contemporary Artists becoming a yearly show at The Fine Art Society every December until 1930. Later on in the century, and closer to us in May 1998, the exhibition English Garden Delights, Edward Bawden and others was organised in the gallery. Appropriately, Bawden and his delightful engraving Kew Gardens, 1927-29 is present in this exhibition. 

Following in this tradition, In the Garden presents a selection of twenty-three works by various artists, including paintings, drawings and prints, where the garden takes central place; highlighting the importance of the garden and the garden-landscape in British Art and for British artists across the years.


Works by the following artists are included in the exhibition,

Edward Bawden, David Gentleman, John Copley, Robert Austin, Robert Bevan, Raymond Booth, Kenneth Rowntree, Theodore Casimir Roussel, Edward Calvert, Robin Tanner, Henry Woods, Duncan Grant, Muirhead Bone, Arthur Haythorne studd, Joash Woodrow, Herbert James Gunn, John Bulloch Souter, Ernest Archibald Taylor, James Stuart Park, David Murray