Stephen Goddard: One God To Many Devils

11 - 31 March 2011

A marked development from his first show with the gallery, ‘Only Headhunting’ in 2009, Goddard burst the conventional constraints of sculpture, drawing on new experimental materials such as clay, plastic, horsehair and fabric. Even his wall-based work sat on the cusp between painting and sculpture. Just as the title of the exhibition ‘One God to Many Devils’, the angst-ridden works reflect Goddard’s artistic impulses, being pulled in different more experimental directions creating these indecipherable relics of some lost culture.

Yet the works remained distinctly Goddardesque, drawing on the intensely personal: children’s drawings, tribal art from his extensive library, portraits of his ‘Nan’ or grandmother to produce works that are innovative, raw and direct. Equally, he continues to quote from the Art Historical canon: a hint of Egon Schiele, a pinch of Jean-Michel Basquiat and a touch of Vincent Van Gogh, all resonate within the works.