Raymond Booth : A Memorial Exhibition

12 August - 9 September 2016

This summer The Fine Art Society will hold a memorial exhibition in honor of the late artist and plantsman, Raymond Booth.

 An intensely private man, Raymond Booth was immersed in his own world of poetry, plant cultivation, and the natural history of the few square miles around Adel Woods on the outskirts of his native Leeds.  


His relationship with the gallery lasted for over 50 years and in this time he produced a plethora of works, which now belong to both public and private collections the world over.  Predominantly a self-taught painter and draughtsman, Booth honed his abilities whilst recuperating in a sanatorium after contracting Tuberculosis in his youth. It is here in his enforced leisure that he developed his skill for botanical studies and he began to submit work for exhibitions. A fusion of technical skill and a keen eye, with a deep passion for nature and solitude, Booth’s genius rested in the intimate relationship that existed between himself and his subjects. 


The exhibition features 50 previously unseen animal and bird studies from Raymond's studio at his home in Leeds. These will be presented alongside works from across his oeuvre including his detailed studies of plants and animals, still lifes, landscapes and woodland studies from Adel Woods from where he drew inspiration for much of his career.