Emma Alcock: Stillness

2 - 24 March 2017


This March, painter Emma Alcock will be presenting a new body of work at The Fine Art Society for the first time. Featuring over thirty paintings, the exhibition will also include two new sculptures in bronze, representing the artist’s first venture into this medium. Alcock’s semi-representational works take everyday objects as their subjects; a window frame, an egg or a glass offer a point of departure into a quiet and contemplative inner world. Delicately balancing between representation and abstraction, the disarming simplicity and stripped-back aesthetic of Alcock’s canvases connect the viewer to a deeper silence and stillness within her work.


Alcock creates texture by applying paint in multiple thin layers to her canvases, building a luminous surface of colour. The effect is to hold the viewer’s gaze and attention, lingering on the subtle tonal shifts of colour and variations of light and shade. Alcock’s perfectly balanced compositions are imbued with emotional weight and implied meaning.


Sara Terzi, Associate Director of the gallery commenting on Alcock’s work said:
“Emma Alcock’s work takes you by surprise. It doesn’t happen through a visual shock made by bold colours, outrageous subjects or large scale; rather, when you stand in front of her paintings there is a quiet presence to them that is difficult to forget.”