Hylton Nel: For Use and Display

23 May - 16 June 2017

 The Fine Art Society presents the fourth solo exhibition of ceramics by the South African artist, Hylton Nel.  


On show will be his ceramics including plates, vases, bowls, and plaques, decorated through Nel's rich visual language developed over the past four decades with references to decorative arts from across the world; literary and art historical sources; objects and images collected from popular media collected whilst living in South Africa.  His figurines and drawings illustrate Nels witty sense of humour using the playful sexual imagery of the male nude form, as well as often surreal motifs of cats and mermaids, or Adam and Eve.


Nel parallels this imagery with written script taken from poetry, novels and children’s stories, and folk law. His brightly decorated figurines are reminiscent of the familiar English pottery of Staffordshire and Wedgwood, as well as European maiolica, and Delftware. Less familiar influences of Chinese Tang Dynasty miniatures, archeological artifacts, and Greek and Etruscan ceramics can be seen in his range of Garniture vases, to which he combines a contemporary edge to a timeless method of production which has gone unchanged for centuries.


For further information please email: art@thefineartsociety.com