Gordon Reece: The Art of Collecting

23 May - 16 June 2017

 The Fine Art Society presents an exhibition in collaboration with the preeminent dealer in historical Asian and African artefacts, Gordon Reece.  His excellent eye and strict ethical code for sourcing material has earned him the respect of museums worldwide, as well as important private collections. Over his thirty six years as an art dealer, he has continued to challenge the solely Western art historical view by staging over two hundred exhibitions in London and Yorkshire and has thus helped popularise tribal art.


For this exhibition, we approached Gordon Reece to curate a selling exhibition of our own works alongside those from his personal collection, with a focus on history, rarity, and fine craftsmanship. The exhibition is an opportunity to reflect on the artistic merit of the tribal pieces and how they relate to European art and design.


For further information please email: art@thefineartsociety.com