Chris Levine: The Geometry of Truth

24 April - 23 May 2015

‘The Geometry of Truth’ represented Levine’s exploration into the nature of light and perception; using technology and light to communicate natural geometries and draw people towards stillness.

The synchronicity of the universe is determined by certain mathematical constants which express themselves in the form of 'patterns' and 'cycles' in nature. Pure geometry transcends everything; impulses and patterns found in nature and the brain also exist in the technology we have created, and Levine’s work asks some fundamental questions about how we view art and examine life.

Levine’s work has long been an investigation into the ways in which we accept and perceive light, and the effect it has on our sense of being. Levine is interested in light as a principal natural characteristic, through which it is possible to experience fundamental truths in nature. He has worked extensively with laser light, exploring its capacity to produce both illusions and elicit a subliminal response in the viewer. He has pioneered new mediums such as holograms, light boxes and lenticular lenses and has created and coined the name for new mechanisms such as laser pods and blipverts (peripheral vision light pieces). Levine’s innovative use of these technologies has brought to this field a fresh sensibility, making him a leading player in the field of light art.

For his new series, ‘The Geometry of Truth’ Levine turned his attention inwards to the purity of form:

“if numbers are the purest form of thought as Plato states, then geometry is a translation of this purity into visual form. Sacred geometry has inspired artists for millennia. From Nano through to celestial, nature unfolds and life as we know it adheres to principles of divine order and sacred geometry.” - Chris Levine