Twelve Paintings by Anne Redpath

9 - 31 July 2014

Anne Redpath is one of the best loved and most important Scottish painter of the twentieth century. 

After fourteen years spent in France where she had followed her architect husband and raised their three boys, she moved back to her hometown of Hawick in 1934. From her new home, she painted a series of intimate interiors and still lifes which are now amongst her most coveted work.

The other side of Redpath's oeuvre took her away from the domestic to the foreign climes. Travelling widely, she went on to complete some of her most exciting work in Spain, Corsica and the Canary Islands.

Her later work is amongst her most adventurous and daring. The uncompromising palette, the abstraction and the sheer physicality of the paint make these pictures some of her best work.

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