Juliette Losq: Nemora

12 September - 2 October 2014

Losq places the notion of ‘The Clearing’ as central to her practice and imagery – a place where wilderness and chaos oppose civilization and order. She depicts liminal landscapes that hover at the edges of this symbolic Clearing, alluding to the English 'Gothic' of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as typified by fragmented narratives relating mysterious incidents, and scenes that were charged with an imagined threat.

The exhibition title ‘Nemora’ refers to a “nemus” (pl nemora) which is described in Jacob Grimm’s Teutonic Mythology as being “a woodland pasture, a grove, a sacrum silvae”. These were places of celebration and sacrifice, where the entire grove or particular trees therein were dedicated to woodland deities: “Such a grove was not to be trodden by profane feet, such a tree was not to be stript of its boughs or foliage, and on no account to be hewn down” (Teutonic Mythology Vol 2 trans J Stallybrass, p.648. CUP 2012, First published 1883)!

Losq works over the surface repetitively, creating multiple painted layers which simultaneously obscure and reveal those beneath. She works on both paper and canvas and has incorporated found objects to create installation pieces. In ‘Nemora’, she will show three object based pieces including a work on paper that will infuse itself with the existing ornate fire place on the ground floor of the gallery. Another work will see a wave of paper tumble from an antique grandfather clock across the Galley One floor.