Resistance: Subverting the Camera: Idris Khan, Steven Pippin, Adam Fuss, Rob & Nick Carter, Janet Laurence, Edgar Lissel, Stephen Sack and Christopher Bucklow

18 April - 26 May 2012

In 2012 The Fine Art Society Contemporary presented RESISTANCE featuring Steven Pippin, Rob and Nick Carter, Janet Laurence, Adam Fuss, Idris Khan, Stephen Sack, Edgar Lissel and Christopher Bucklow. The exhibition was a critical consideration of photographic work made to circumnavigate the monopoly of the traditional techniques and aims of the camera.

The eight international artists selected for the exhibition resist the normal parameters of the photographic medium by inventing their own cameras, appropriating and re-presenting photographs via an alternate process, subverting the purpose of the camera, wilfully destroying it or creating unique camera-less photograms. In each of their distinctive practices, the artists experiment with the boundaries of photography and subvert the central dominance of the camera. The results are aesthetically powerful, inventive, highly expressive and conceptually provocative.

The experimental artworks share several tendencies and objectives and raise various dialogues such as: the overwhelming proliferation of photographic images and the quality of them; the nearly extinct notion of a camera as an instrument that can capture something rare and previously unseen; a return to the fundamental essence of photography as a medium to catch colour, light and form; a metaphysical consideration of how to harness what is ephemeral; the relationship between science and nature and subtle homage to early pioneers in the history of photography.

A full catalogue to accompany the exhibition is available with an essay about the various artists and a foreword from Martin Barnes, Senior Curator of Photography at The Victoria and Albert Museum, London.